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In the Book of Joshua, God is saying to his people, Come in! It is important to read the Book of Joshua with this in mind. The Book of Joshua has important lessons for all Christians. The *Lord has kept every good promise (Joshua , 15). We read a lot about Joshua in the Books of Exodus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Joshua was one of 12 men that Moses sent in secret to look at the *promised land. You must put on the new character that is like Gods *holy character. It was important that he accepted these responsibilities. We, too, can know that the same God is with us (Matthew ). Verse 6 Before Joshua could lead his people, he, too, had to put his *faith into action. We will not enjoy the *blessings of God if we are lazy. Verses 7-8 Joshua only had the first five books of the Bible as Gods law. Joshua could also remember things that Moses had said. This will be like the rest that he has given to you. And the Book of Joshua shows us what God wants to do for us here and now. The *Lord has kept every one of the promises that he gave to you. Only Joshua and Caleb brought good news back (Numbers 13). Joshuas name in the Hebrew language means The *Lord is my *Saviour. You must only do the things that are good and *holy (Ephesians -24). Gods work could not continue until Joshua accepted his new responsibilities. We must not expect other people to do all the work. When all the other *tribes are safe in the *promised land, you may return to your land. The object of the present article is distinctly geographical and ethnographical, leaving, as far as possible, the other topics connected with the Israelites to be dealt with in the article on JEWS AND JUDAISM, or in particular articles on the leading personages or events in Israel's history.

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The actual name of the Hebrew God (Jehovah/Yahweh) has been entered instead of Lord.As might be expected, their ethnic relation to the Semitic tribes who, together with the Israelites, make up the sub-group of the Terabites, is more definitely known.The Moabites, the Ammonites, the Edomites, and the Israelites were tribes of kindred origin, a fact which is readily acknowledged by contemporary scholars.Joshua and Caleb reached the *promised land with those who had been born in the desert. When we read the Book of Joshua for the first time, it appears to be all about unpleasant wars. v11 Go through all the places where the people live, he said. In three days or less, you will cross the river Jordan. v14 Your wives, children and animals can stay in this land that Moses gave to you, east of the Jordan. This is like Christians who do not get completely involved in Christian things. The *promised land already had its own inhabitants. The book shows us what God wants to do for all Christians. Then you will begin to take the land for yourselves. However, your fighting men must cross the river, with their arms.

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