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A dealership might choose to backdate a contract for convenience, or because the lender’s acceptance of the deal was based on the original sale date, but more often than not it is because the dealer has found a way to make more money and needs to rewrite the contract so that they can pocket the extra profit.Regardless of the reason, backdating a contract is illegal.I have to admit, I experimented with this a bit last year, to see how different clients behaved.Actually, the recipient need only look at the header to see when the email went through the servers.

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I think the recipient has no chance of detecting the real time the email was sent (sure, only if he wasn't online after that time). How can I change the send-time without having to change the time of my computer? And the case of an email from a friend having the wrong date/time it must've been set wrong on the server the email went through.Over time you may have had to change email addresses, and as such had to forward messages from your old address to your new one.When that happens, the date on the email changes because it is technically a new message at the time of send.Windows Live Mail, Microsoft Outlook, the old Outlook Express 6 and the latest version of Mozilla Thunderbird do allow drag-in/out copying of emails from the client to the desktop. Here is what the forwarded message looks like in the inbox: What I want to do here is change this so it reflects the original send date.To get this information, I open up the email: The original send date was September 28, 2010 at pm.

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