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NATS Wiki: NATS Sites Admin configuration example(Reporting Keyword & Access Keyword): NATS SITES ADMIN Lime Light CRM is a highly saleable CRM designed to help businesses meet the overall goals of customer relationship management.It was created to provide a solution to streamline different campaigns across multiple platforms by automating daily tasks and integrating payments with third party billers.Trend Net agreed to settle the claim on Wednesday, according to Reuters.

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You can log in to your account using your valid username and password.In 2012, a hacker was able to breach the Web site, bypass users' login credentials, and access live-feeds from the wireless cameras."The hacker posted information about the breach online; thereafter, hackers posted links to the live feeds for nearly 700 of respondent's IP cameras," the FTC wrote in its complaint (PDF)."Among other things, these compromised live feeds displayed private areas of users' homes and allowed the unauthorized surveillance of infants sleeping in their cribs, young children playing, and adults engaging in typical daily activities." Under the terms of the settlement, Trend Net cannot misrepresent its software as "secure" and must get an independent assessment of its security programs once a year for 20 years, according to Reuters.For its part, Trend Net said that once it learned of the hack it immediately updated its firmware and reached out to users who owned the vulnerable security cameras.

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