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Czech Girls from the Eastern Europe Women Introduction Service aren’t as challenging as girls from the Western Europe. The speed dating age categories are orientational, if not written otherwise.I’ve seen a few gay couples walk around without anyone giving them a second look.Women’s Rights Tansu says: Women are not usually catcalled or treated differently.

There is some introduction, about 15 minute break in the middle, and some further instructions at the end.

Only 29 Americans, and 19 Brits were wedded to a real-life Czech male in the last figures for 2003; making them an extremely rare breed.

American journalist Dinah Spritzer has lived and worked in the Czech capital for many years.

She is particularly interested in the very unbalanced numbers of Czech men and women married to foreigners, and has published numerous articles on the subject.

She suggests that western women may be put off by the somewhat unappealing stereotype that they have of Czech men; "There is a stereotype; the Czech man doesn't do housework, he expects a woman to do it all - he doesn't cook, he expects a woman to do it all, and he expects a woman to focus on serving him and looking beautiful." "Czechoslovakia in the first republic had an extremely strong feminist movement, in fact it was one of the strongest in Europe.

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